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PicturePerfect Premium Blend Annual Wildflower Seeds

Ideal for Flower Beds and Planters!

This premium blend contains many of our favorite varieties, mixed together to produce a plethora of magic! Don't miss the opportunity to capture the beauty you've seen in magazines, books, and Mother Nature's backyard. Enchanting shades of reds, yellows, blues, and all the colors in between come to life as this premium mix of annuals and perennials, grows and flourishes.

Covers 750 sq. ft. $9.95

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Picture Perfect Ingredients

This 8oz. canister covers up to 1,000 square feet and contains 22% pure seed with 78% inert matter to assist in the even distribution of seeds at the time of planting.

Seed Scientific name Annual/Perennial/Biannual
African Daisy Dimorphoteca aurantiaca Annual
Baby Blue Eyes Nemophilia menziesii Annual
Baby's Breath Gypsophilia elegans Annual
Bachelor Button Centaurea cyanus Annual
Buffalo Eyes Nemophilia maculata Annual
California Poppy Eschscholzia californica Perennial
Cosmos Cosmos Bipinnatus Annual
Desert 4-O'clock Mirabilis jalapa Annual
Gloriosa Daisy Rudbeckia gloriosa Biannual
Indian Blanket Gaillardia pulchella Annual
Lance Leaved Coreopsis Coreopsis tinctoria Annual
Queen Anne's Lace Ammi majus Annual
Shirley Poppy Papaver rhoeas Annual