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Planting Wildflowers — Year-round Care

Spring Summer
  • Begin working the soil as soon as possible. Remove grasses and weeds from flower bed.
  • Now is the time to plant your annuals and mixes.
  • Plant insect attractants now to so they can be doing their job in the summer. 
  • Keep weeds down by not letting them get ahead of you.
  • Make sure your new plants have enough water to establish themselves.
  • Enjoy your flowers as they bloom all summer long. Pick a bouquet for a friend or neighbor. Enjoy them indoors and out!
Fall Winter
  • Don't allow weeds to go to seed. Pull them up before they drop their seed.
  • A little additional water will prolong the blooming period for our wildflowers.
  • Pick those flowers that you want to dry and start that process.
  • Make sure your flowers have gone to seed before mowing them down.
  • Cut back your wildflower garden. You can mow it down to about 6 inches.
  • Now is the time to plant those perennials. They will weather the winter months.