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Customized Flower Seed Packets

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Three Tips for Wildflower Seed Buyers

Look for Quality Your seed purchase should have been field inspected to guarantee the finest quality possible. This inspection helps to ensure that your seed is free of weeds and other unwanted materials. Our seed is always field inspected so you get the finest uality every time. Take the time to ask — you might be surprised how few seed dealers take this step.
Seek Lab­tested Products Seed quality and viability can vary, so the seed you purchase should be lab­tested by a reputable laboratory. All products should be labeled with a test date to show that the seed has met state and federal standards. Clyde Robin meets the standards. You will notice the difference! Anytime you buy seeds, verify beforehand to make sure they are lab tested.
Read Labels Carefully Most large seed packages have some inert material in them to help mulch the soil and broadcast the seed evenly. However some companies put as little as 1% seed (really!) in their packages. Not Clyde Robin! Ask before ordering online, or read the label if shopping in person. Buy the product with the most seed for your money. Don't be fooled. Buy the best value!