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About Clyde Robin Seed

The Best Seed Value Around

Clyde Robin is known for the quality of its seed. Our reputation is based on innovation and offering you a great selection of seed we guarantee will grow!

My father began collecting seeds in 1934! What started as a hobby years ago has blossomed today into an organization known and respected around the world. The name Clyde Robin is synonymous with quality and reliability.

A History of Meeting Customers' Needs

We have supplied state highway departments throughout the United States, local and state governmental agencies, fish and game agencies, state and federal forest services, and many others. From Mt. St. Helens, to the Oakland Firestorm of 1991, from the Alaska Pipeline to the Olympics in Atlanta, Clyde Robin seeds continue to meet our customers' needs.

We Grow Our Own Seed

In the early days, our production efforts included mainly hand-collected seed of a large number of species. The increased demand of the 70's caused us to shift our collecting labors towards the actual production arena. Today once rare and difficult-to-find species that we once gathered by hand are produced on our own farms. Innovative farming techniques and our qualified technical staff make it possible for us to offer the widest selection at the lowest prices, direct from the grower.

More Seed by Weight

Each of the products in this web catalog contains more seed by weight, a higher number of perennial varieties than those of our competitors, and is of the highest quality available. Clyde Robin seed is produced in the United States. We carefully control the quality standards of each variety in our seed mixtures and use only those varieties that meet or exceed our expectations.

Other wildflower marketers may boast more varieties, more coverage, or lower cost, but under close examination these claims just don't hold up.

Clyde Robin Equals "The Best Seed Value Around".

Our motto is validated in every one of our products. They are the finest available. We guarantee your satisfaction! Join with us in obtaining real value, quality, and a -year reputation unequaled in the wildflower seed business.

Order today or give us a call at (510) 315-6720 (8:00am-5:00pm MST).


Steve Atwood
President, Clyde Robin