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Customized Flower Seed Packets

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Customers Comments

"Your seeds have arrived and now we can begin to really live!"
Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson Stonewall, TX. Lady Bird created a First Lady's Committee for a More Beautiful Capital, then expanded her program to include the entire nation. She also founded the National Wildflower Research Center (now the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center).

"I just planted your wildflower seeds and they are already showing growth after just 7 days!"
Russel Price, Houston, TX

"After planting your seeds I had compliments from my neighbors all summer!"
LuAnne Rotax, North Ferrisburg, VT

"We cannot begin to tell you how beautiful your flowers are and how well they have done in our high mountain climate. Where can we purchase more?"
Patsy Carpenter, Cody, WY

"Last spring I purchased a one pound bucket of country All Climate Wildflower Mixture. It has been such a wonderful success that I am very anxious to be able to get another so I can plant a larger area to replace our lawn."
Mrs. Cletus Wittenaur, Santa Maria, CA

"Your flowers are magnificent."
Christine Canning, Hyde Park, MA

"The seeds I planted last year were incredible. . .I want more!"
Ms. Debra Bliss, Fabius, NY

". . .the reason for this letter is to let you know how happy we are with your products! I've never seen so many beautiful flowers. We have cars slow down and stop in front of our howe to admire our garden!"
Cheryl Rapp, Lodi, WI

"This past spring I purchased your All Climate Wildflower bucket. I planted these seeds and was very pleasantly surprised with the results (especially since other people had told me that they had tried various other products and didn't have any luck with them)."
Mrs. William Schaumloffel, Andes, NY

"I thought you would like to know that for two years now our wildflowers have done so well here in the Dunes of Northwest Indiana. They are the talk of the neighborhood!"
June & George Looby, Chesterton, IN

"This past spring I purchased and planted a container of your All Climate Wildflower Seed. In the past I have purchased and planted dontainers of seeds distributed by other companies. I planted them and nothing every came up. Your seeds produced an outstanding flower bed! Neighbors came to see it daily. Being at an altitude of 7,000 ft and in the New Mexico Desert I am very impressed!"
Lisa Norton, Tijeras, NM

"Your seeds have been coming back for more than 15 years now. . .what a spectacle when they are in full bloom!"
Sue Young, Atascadero, CA

"This is the first year I have planted the All Climate Country Wildflower Bucket. . .now everyone on the block wants to plant them for next year. We get many compliments on our flower garden!"
Ray Rosenbaugh, Arvada, CO

"Am amazed and delighted by the results of sowing your bucket of seeds up here on the Canadian border. We'll do much more next spring." (sent photographs)
David Kimball, Lewiston, NY

"We planted 5 cans of Meadow in a Can at our mountain retreat in Vermont at 2,300 feet. We had a glorious carpet of wildflowers all summer long, even to mid-November. Thank you so much!"
Kirsten McEdwards, Montpelier, VT

"We were very surprised after planting your wildflower seeds how fast they started coming up, in just 3-1/2 days! it has been a week now and they are about 3" tall!"
Bill Summers, Santa Rosa, CA

"Your company has been the easiest to deal with!"
Gwen Serviere, Murphys, CA

"Thanks for your help in preparing Kentucky's wildflower seed packets. I'm very pleased with the end product."
Robin A. Chaney, Office of Public Affairs, Commonwealth of Kentucky

"This is just a note to inform you of how happy I am with the"Perennial Mix Wildflowers. The poppies are out of this world!"
Jim Slater, Indianapolis, IN

"Thanks for sending your flower seeds. They were planted throughout the Fort Monmouth community in the spring. During June-July the riot of red, white and blue flowers has brightened up our community. Thanks for your support during Operation Desert Storm."
Edmund E. Hughes III, LTC, AV, 513th Military Intelligence Brigade, Fort Monmouth, NJ